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What do we do?

Estelaria is a technology consultancy company specialised in the development of products in the field of IoT and Big Data Analytics.

We offer business solutions for the capture, analysis, processing and visualisation of data on heterogeneous technological infrastructures. We transform these developments into tangible value for our partners’ business, leading the design and development of innovative products in the market.

Connecting objects

Connecting objects so that they are able to exchange information, communicate with each other and interact with users is already a reality.

Collect data

It is key to collect all data correctly and orderly, to save them, to secure them, and to make them easily accessible to the owners of the data.

Analyse the data

The volume of data collected is simply immense. The challenge lies in analysing it and transforming it into intelligent information.

Making decisions

It will be the detailed analysis of this data that will allow us to make decisions at all levels to optimise and improve processes/profitability.


IoT Consulting Systems integration Software development

To ensure that our partners take advantage of the opportunity of the Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics, our consultants and implementation technicians accompany them in defining their IoT use cases and business.

We provide advice on how IoT and large data analysis can be translated into business value drivers.  We advise our customers on the best IoT and Big Data analysis platforms and products before making a purchase decision. Our team is familiar with various wireless standards and technologies, as well as best practices in mobile development and internet marketing.

Building an IoT solution involves the integration of many different technologies. The high speed of standardisation at all levels gives the opportunity to quickly design and build systems, without having to develop everything from scratch.

Our engineers have extensive knowledge and experience and are in contact with experts from technology centres, universities and other partners to design optimal systems from a technical and commercial point of view. We work closely with our partners, selecting the most appropriate technology.

We offer customised web and mobile solutions in SaaS mode for specific business niches, including dashboards for advanced data visualisation and decision support. Our software development team is familiar with IoT infrastructures and works closely with the systems engineering and data science teams, responding to all phases of a product's development cycle.

Requirements gathering and analysis

Solution Architecture

Design of the user interface

Design and development of applications

Integration of multi-vendor solutions

Robust testing services - integration, performance and regression

Project management

Business culture

Retos, filosofía, valores, misión, visión y objetivos

We empathise with the client and their sector. We study the market in which the new technology is to be deployed and all the main players to design a successful digitalisation strategy based on the company’s objectives, maximising its main business processes. We understand the challenges of our clients and assume them as our own.

Latest technology

We collaborate with universities and technology centres in R+D+i projects linked to IoT and Big Data analytics.


We support our partners in all phases of building a solution, from the business idea to the final product or service.

Agile, iterative and built to last

We apply Agile & Scrum methodologies in all phases of development, reducing the time to market of new products.

We feel part of your TEAM

For us, collaboration is the basis that lays the foundation for a successful project. Only with the active collaboration of the teams can a successful digital strategy be launched and the adoption of new technology be executed, guaranteeing the delivery of real value for the company.


We accompany companies in their IoT and Big Data analytics projects, applying a methodology that covers all phases of product development. 


Proof of Concept

Work is being done on the design and development of a proof of concept, minimum viable product, based on the IoT use case. The process includes the application of new technologies and their integration to prove that the idea is technically feasible. At this point the solution is ready for production.

Corrective maintenance

Reactive modification of a software product made after delivery to correct discovered problems

Preventive maintenance

Modification of a software product after delivery to detect and correct latent faults in the software product before they become actual faults

Business strategy

We analyze with our clients their business strategy, responding from technology to the original idea and establishing a road map

Construction and implementation

In this phase we will build and implement the IoT solution. During the realization of the project we apply Agile & Scrum methodologies, involving our customers in the process, providing feedback after each sprint. In this way we ensure that the final product meets expectations.

Evolutionary Maintenance

Modification of a software product made after delivery to keep a software product usable in a changed or changing environment

About Us

We are a company promoted by experts with long experience in different companies and markets such as telco operators, logistics, IT consultants, automotive or retail. Our team is made up of qualified professionals in different fields of knowledge, such as data science, telecommunications and computer engineering and digital marketing, with high expertise in different technologies:

WiFi, WiFi Direct, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Zwave, M2M
Board Design and Firmware Development
Cloud platforms – AWS, Windows Azure, Google Apps and
Java, MyBatis, RESTful, RESTEasy, Hibernate, Device I/O
SQL, Big Data, NoSQL
iOS, Android, J2ME, Windows, Linux




Rúa Colón, 26. 36201 Vigo, Pontevedra.

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